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The House Public Education Committee will meet at 8 a.m., Tuesday, April 25, to hear testimony on the following bills:

  • HB 1206 (Guillen) relates to a determination of a school district’s assets to liabilities ratio under the public school financial accountability rating system.
  • HB 3127 (Ashby, et al.) relates to the study of school district property values conducted by the comptroller of public accounts.
  • HB 3349 (Landgraf) relates to assignment by the University Interscholastic League of schools to districts for purposes of competition.
  • HB 3716 (Buckley) relates to the authorization of certain adult high school charter school programs.
  • HB 3829 (Talarico) relates to creating a fine arts allotment under the public school finance system.
  • HB 4116 (Rogers, et al.) relates to requiring a school district or open-enrollment charter school to post information regarding parental rights on the district’s or school’s website.
  • HB 4148 (Dutton) relates to the transfer of students between public schools.
  • HB 4944 (Buckley) relates to public school cybersecurity controls and requirements and technical assistance and cybersecurity risk assessments for public schools provided by the Department of Information Resources.
  • SB 11 (Nichols, et al.) relates to measures for ensuring safety and security in public schools, including measures related to certain student records and truant conduct and active shooter training for certain peace officers. The full Senate passed this bill April 19. Read coverage by The Texas Tribune.
  • SB 798 (Middleton), passed by the full Senate April 5, states that the qualifications for certification as a school counselor may not include a requirement that a candidate for certification have experience as a classroom teacher.

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