Texas Assessment Conference

Preconference Workshops

Monday, February 20, 8:30–11:30 a.m.

How to Go from Novice DTC to a Super Hero DTC!
Chris Cordell, Director, Systemwide Testing, Austin ISD
Shannon Kuhrt, Director of Assessment, Wichita Falls ISD
Thomas Negri, Director of Testing, Fort Bend ISD

Tracy A. McDaniel, Director of Testing, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
This session is designed to provide you with the super powers needed to not only survive but to triumph over any situation that may confront you during the assessment cycle. Designed for the novice district testing coordinator, this session, presented by the officers of TSNAP, will help you build the skills you need to conquer anything that may arise during the spring testing season. Leave with highly effective methods and knowledge to ensure you are victorious in all your testing endeavors!

High School Equivalency Testing in Texas: Where We Stand Today
Cindee Tonnesen, Program Coordinator, Texas Education Agency
Texas has over 3.2 million adults lacking a high school diploma or equivalency certificate. Beginning in 2017, Texas adults now have three different test options and multiple platforms to earn a certificate of high school equivalency. Learn about these new choices and the implementation of the GED test, the HiSET exam and the TASC test.

Testing Is Like a Box of Chocolates!
Laura Witte, Director of Testing Services, North East ISD
Sarah Howell, Testing Specialist, North East ISD
Beverly Lebherz, Testing Analyst, North East ISD

Come and learn how to plan for the worst and expect the best! Learn from seasoned assessment professionals who are able to keep calm, stay focused and maintain flexibility even during the most stressful testing events. Learn practical tips of the trade and time-saving strategies as well as how to lead your campus/district from the beginning until the end of each administration during the year. Emphasis will be placed on what needs to be accomplished each month leading up to STAAR testing.

Time – An Eternity of Time is Not Enough!
Michael W. Strozeski, CEO, Strozeski Consulting
Brian Krieger, Product Developer, Strozeski Consulting

Has the assessment system and all that it encompasses turned you into an unprofessional, foul-mouthed lunatic? You are not alone! Remember to "sweat the small stuff," but also remember to concentrate your energy on what YOU have control of (I know, don't end with a preposition). There are lots of ways to make your job of turning data into information more efficient and more accurate. We will discuss some of the practices used in Texas districts that have preserved sanity and saved many hours.

Understanding the Adolescent Brain and Improving Individual Testing Results
Robert Forti, Assistant Director of Testing, San Antonio ISD
We will discuss how studies in adolescent brain development and brain imaging have opened new pathways into understanding how the adolescent brain works. We will discuss the best practices tools that will help students train their brains to better handle life’s and school’s stressors. The presentation will include newer brain imaging data that was used to create a more targeted approach for setting up testing.

Preconference Workshops

The Preconference Workshop registration fee is $50. Registrants have the choice of attending preconference workshops on Monday, February 20, 8:30-11:30 a.m. Preconference workshops have limited seating. Be prepared to select an alternative workshop if your first or second choice is full when you register. You will receive an email confirming your session a few days prior to the conference.