Texas Assessment Conference

Concurrent Sessions

Monday, February 20, 2:45–4 p.m.

Partnerships for Excellence – Inspiring Growth Through Quarterly Conversations
Jonathan Maxwell, Executive Director, Assessment & Evaluation, Clear Creek ISD

Megan Rynn Evans, Director of Accountability, Research, and Program Evaluation, Fort Bend ISD

Allison E. Matney, Executive Director of Research, Assessment and Accountability, Katy ISD
Multiple school districts collaboratively developed a unique support structure to actively engage district and campus leadership for focused, individualized improvement. A protocol for dynamic dialogues is provided to assist leaders in overcoming the challenges of initiating change to exceed the district and campus goals. Through the analysis of student data and needs assessments, strategies shared afford leadership teams the opportunity to make decisions that are student-driven and data-informed.

DTCs Get Organized: Livebinder for All Assessment Needs
Janet L. Helmcamp, Director of Assessment, Cleburne ISD
"Where's that form for ...?" It's all in the Assessment Livebinder! Livebinder is a free, online tool for storing all the links to assessment websites, district trainings, and materials such as forms for easy access. After getting a plethora of questions and resending hundreds of forms in emails and hard copies through inner-office mail, I decided to get organized. Now, when my CTCs or other testing personnel say, "Where's that form for ...?" I refer them back to the Assessment Livebinder. Come get ideas!

Walk Through the Testing Year - Choose Your Top Three
Rebecca Trotter, Coordinator of Testing & Federal Programs, Azle ISD

Monica Uphoff, Coordinator, Birdville ISD

Jodi Pafford, Assessment Coordinator, Northwest ISD

Laura Creamer, Accountability/Testing Consultant, ESC Region 11
Veteran Region 11 DTCs will offer a "station" experience to share important aspects of the testing year. After a brief overview, the presenters will share ideas on 1) training (including non-TAs), 2) post test check in procedures, 3) reporting and tracking incidents, 4) how to build a strong network of colleagues (and how that helped us during the March testing window this year), and 5) some real-life experience and helpful hints on navigating the ETS management website.

[TACTP] Handling Campus Carry in the Testing Center
Stephanie Perkins, Director, Testing Center, Temple College
Campus carry will go into effect for many colleges and universities in fall 2017. Some are already drafting policies as to how this will be handled. Some locations on campus may warrant an exemption from allowing students to conceal-carry into a certain building. Attend this session to receive information on how Temple College is handling this legislation and to discuss how your campuses are moving forward in regard to campus carry.

Tools of the Testing Trade
Angel B. Lozano, Coordinator of Assessment & Accountability, Sheldon ISD

Jessica Holt, Campus Testing Coordinator, Sheldon ISD
How can I organize returning materials? How can I use technology to register students for AP tests? How can I share large documents without overloading everyone's mailbox? Sheldon ISD representatives will share how district and campus testing coordinators are utilizing free "Tools of the Testing Trade" to efficiently navigate the testing world. Presenters will share examples of how they are using the tools at the district and campus level for testing. They will share step-by-step lists to help you get started!

Ensure Your Students Are Offered Effective Accommodations for State Assessments
Beverly Kim Lee, District Coordinator of Assessment & Accountability, Somerset ISD
Establishing procedures for providing students with effective assessment accommodations is vital for igniting student success while safeguarding against procedural errors that may become an irregularity. Participants will learn a step-by-step process and timeline that includes action from committee to notifying the student’s teachers and the campus testing coordinator in addition to when, where, and how to establish effectiveness and recording the results.

Help Me!, I've Become Someone I'm Not!
Michael W. Strozeski, CEO, Strozeski Consulting

Brian Krieger, Product Developer, Strozeski Consulting

The 18-wheelers are backed up to my building with hundreds of boxes of paper regarding assessment. The boxes are not unloaded. My superintendent has already called (three times!) and wants to know how we did. The newspaper is calling. Principals are demanding information, and all I have is paper (still in the truck). This session will focus on several ways to turn data into information, get it distributed, and still maintain what's left of your sanity. Don't let them wear you down!

[TEA] STAAR ELA Assessments Update
Brad Vasil, Director ELA/SS Assessment, Texas Education Agency
TEA's director of ELA/SS assessment will provide an update on the STAAR ELA assessments.

TSI: Navigating the Waters of Being a Testing Institute
Tracey Morman, Director of Guidance and Counseling, Amarillo ISD
What is a TSI testing institute? Come learn how Amarillo ISD took on the challenge of becoming a TSI testing institute and why we are glad we did!

Monday, February 20, 4:15–5:30 p.m.

[TEA] STAAR Alternate 2 Update
Angela Wilkins, Manager, STAAR Alternate 2, Student Assessment Division, Texas Education Agency

Justin Porter, Director, Assessments for Special Populations, Student Assessment Division, Texas Education Agency
This session will provide updates on the spring 2017 administration and supervision of STAAR Alternate 2.

[TEA] National Assessment of Education Program 2017 Overview and Update
Kim Ackermann, Texas State NAEP Coordinator, Texas Education Agency
2017 presents the largest and most complex NAEP program to date. Attendees to this session will learn about the different elements of the NAEP 2017 program, receive an update on NAEP's transition to an all-digital environment, and be updated on future NAEP plans.

Research Analysis of District Expenditures of Implementing State Testing
Jeremiah Eli Crow, CEO, Education Advanced, Inc.

Elda Garcia, Director of Assessment and Accountability, Corpus Christi ISD
Have you ever wondered what implementing state testing in Texas costs? It might not be what you think. Recent research reveals the cost of standardized testing at the local and state levels. Come learn more about state averages in spending on testing and get a better idea of where your district falls. Per-student data will be provided, as well as information on campus and district size implications, the allocation of full-time testing coordinator staff (DTC and CTC), and more.

Excuse Me ... Will You PLEASE Wake Up? I'm Trying to Train You Here!
Crystal Glover, District Test Coordinator, Amarillo ISD

Pam Brown, Director of Counseling & Assessment, Lubbock-Cooper ISD
Do your CTCs zone out during test training? Do they complain it's too long, too boring, or a repeat of what they already know? Come learn how Amarillo ISD and Lubbock-Cooper ISD have been incorporating fun and learning into boring test training. Themes, table talks, games, and more will be discussed.

From Numbers to Names: How Comal ISD Uses Data to Identify STAAR Players
Kerry Gain, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Academic Services, Comal ISD

Courtney Witherell, Director for Accountability, Comal ISD
The Comal ISD Curriculum and Academic Services department has developed and refined a data analysis process that goes beyond raw numbers. A data day in the summer results in campus specific goals. The C&A team then works all year using multiple data points to assist campuses with student-specific progress monitoring and continuous reevaluation of goals. In this session, Comal ISD administrators will share the process, provide tools, and highlight the successes that we've experienced as a result.

Stay Calm and Train On: The Mindset of a Large School District
Jennifer Marie Tracy, Coordinator of State Assessments, Katy ISD

Judson Anderson, Assessment Specialist, Katy ISD

Christy Gregory, Assessment Specialist, Katy ISD

Gail Mikeska, Assessment Specialist, Katy ISD
Do you need help tackling training and engaging adult learners? This session will focus on how to meet the challenges of completing district-level state testing trainings while maintaining engagement of adult learners, by incorporating best practices, technology, and learning activities into presentations. Participants will learn tips and ideas on how one large school district stays calm and trains during the testing season.

[TACTP] Collecting Measurable Data Through the ACCUPLACER Platform
John Harrell, Testing Associate, Houston Community College
The ACCUPLACER test delivery platform is a powerful tool that can be used to gather demographic information and data relating to a program's student development outcomes. This session will give you an overview of how Houston Community College - Central Testing Services gathers and uses this data to assess the success of our Testing Services Department's student development outcomes.

Maximize Your Data
Diana McDow, Coordinator of Assessment, Accountability and Research, Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD

Michelle Tolar, Assessment Facilitator, Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD
This session will be designed to help a novice understand how to import data files into useful and meaningful Excel spreadsheets. Participants will learn how to verify data to ensure accuracy. Quick and easy reports will be created using pivot tables. Easy formulas to create templates for immediate reports will be demonstrated. It will be helpful if participants bring their own laptops.

[TEA] Update on English I and II Assessments
Steven Wilder, Manager of ELA Assessments, Student Assessment Division, Texas Education Agency
TEA's manager of English/language arts assessment will provide an update on the EI and EII assessments.

Check out what’s hAPPening!
Shannon Kuhrt, Director of Assessment, Wichita Falls ISD

Tracy McDaniel, Director of Testing, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD

Are you ready to throw out the paper, make training fun and interactive, and your overall DTC life much easier? Join us in this interactive session and walk away with ideas you can start using today! See how two different sized districts use apps, Google, and technology to engage testing coordinators in training, organize the job of test coordination, and deliver state testing where all the pieces work together!

Preconference Workshops

The Preconference Workshop registration fee is $50. Registrants have the choice of attending preconference workshops on Monday, February 20, 8:30-11:30 a.m. Preconference workshops have limited seating. Be prepared to select an alternative workshop if your first or second choice is full when you register. You will receive an email confirming your session a few days prior to the conference.