Texas Assessment Conference


Tuesday, February 21, 8:30–9 a.m.

STAAR Online Accessibility Demonstration
Catherine Stapleton, Program Specialist, Student Assessment Division, Texas Education Agency
In this session participants will experience the online system for 2017 STAAR tests. Presenters will demonstrate content supports and language and vocabulary supports as provided in pop-ups and rollovers, explain online accessibility tools and how they function, and provide an opportunity for participants to listen to the text to speech.

Concurrent Sessions

Tuesday, February 21, 8:30–9:45 a.m.

Accountability and Instruction: When Worlds Collide, THE SEQUEL!
Kim Gilson, Senior Consultant, Data and Accountability, ESC Region 10
Doni Cash, Consultant, ESC Region 10

You mean there's a connection between what occurs in classrooms and the state accountability system? In this continuation of last year's session, we will provide more ways to use information gleaned from our accountability and assessment data to inform classroom instruction.
Tips of the Trade
Pam Brown, Director of Counseling & Assessment, Lubbock-Cooper ISD
Veteran DTC's from TSNAP will share their best tips for surviving in a STAAR World. Participants will walk out the door with tips in hand and ready to implement them.

[TEA] Update to Graduation and Dropout Rate Reporting
Linda Roska, Director, Division of Research and Analysis, Texas Education Agency
Updates to definitions of and uses for graduation and dropout rates will be presented, as well as updates to uses of rates in the state accountability and performance-based monitoring systems.

[TEA] TEA Update on STAAR Science
Julie Guthrie, Director of Mathematics and Science Assessments, Student Assessment Division, Texas Education Agency
Luis Salinas, Manager of Science Assessments, Student Assessment Division, Texas Education Agency

This session provides the latest and most up-to-date information on the STAAR science program. TEA student assessment presenters will discuss the state and federal requirements and recent policy changes regarding science. Attendees will be given the opportunity to ask questions.

[TACTP] Crisis Management and Service Skills in Testing
Melonie Bonner, Testing Center Manager, Kilgore College
Daphne Curl, Manager of Testing, Stephen F. Austin State University

Have you ever had days when nothing seems to be going right at work? We all have, and this session will offer tools and tips on handling the unexpected when it is least expected.

How to Partner With a Vendor and Build a Data Portal for Your District
Dash Weerasinghe, Executive Director of Assessment and Accountability, Plano ISD
Alf Nizam, Director, Mach B Technogies

This presentation will share how a district selected a vendor to build an assessment data portal. The specifications for the portal will be shared. How modules were customized to meet the specific needs of the school district will be outlined. The functionality of the portal will be displayed to demonstrate the unique capabilities of the system. Modules that will be demonstrated will include RtI, GT, Elementary Portfolios, Enrollment Analysis, and other customized modules.

[TACTP] Creating an Individual Education Plan (IEP) with Diagnostics
Alejandro A. Martinez, Director - Testing Services, Texas A&M International University
To assure student success in the academic world, the testing center has committed itself in assisting classroom instructors in preparing a student's individual educational plan to meet the individual needs of our students by using ACCUPLACER’s diagnostic report. Participants will have a chance to see the value the ACCUPLACER/TSI diagnostic component has in aiding the classroom instructor with lesson preparation.

The ABCs of Test Planning (If there were more letters, we would use them too!)
Rosalinda M. Sabedra, EISD Testing Specialist, Edgewood ISD (ESC 20)
Jim Street, District Test Coordinator, Edgewood ISD (ESC 20)

So much to do and so little time! How are we going to remember everything that needs to be done to be ready for testing? Let us share this comprehensive and adaptable checklist that we developed in our work with CTCs at meetings, trainings, and campus visits. CTCs find the list to be helpful while preparing for test administrations. District staff uses the checklist while conducting campus test readiness visits to ensure testing logistics are in place.

Juggling Testing 101
Kathy Conring, District Testing Coordinator, Cisco ISD
K. Leigh Lowe, District Testing Coordinator, Albany ISD

This session offers tips and techniques for juggling testing, counseling, and many other duties in a small district. Organization, managing, and survival techniques will help you juggle the testing season. We will cover forms, storage, data organization, test day survival, and many other survival skills. 

Not All Items Are Created Equal
Kevin Barlow, Executive Director, Arlington ISD
Lacy Carter, Director of School Improvement, Arlington ISD
Amy Williams, Coordinator Research and Evaluation, Arlington ISD

Exercises in assessment standards setting and item analysis will be conducted to reinforce concepts of assessment data analysis and the implementation of data driven decisions in the classroom. A unique perspective on using test data to differentiate instruction will be presented.

Getting Organized With Eduphoria! Formspace
Tara Wenglar, Coordinator for Student Achievement, Lamar CISD
Marlene Sine, Specialist for Student Assessment, Lamar CISD

Learn how Lamar CISD organized its workflow by utilizing Formspace to help document items such as Absent and Other codes, additional materials requests, student records requests, incident reports, and observation reports. We will walk participants through the creation and implementation of Formspace e-forms that have saved the team countless hours. By converting to this electronic workflow process, your information can be accessed, organized, and reported quickly, thus saving paper, money, and time.

[TEA] Technology - Preparing for Online Testing Part I of II
Glenn Kirchner, Manager, Online Testing, Student Assessment Division, Texas Education Agency
In this session, attendees learn how to prepare for online testing. Presenters will provide guidance on using the available resources to ensure a successful administration. A hands-on session related to this presentation is available for participants following this session. (Part II of II: Tuesday 10:15–11:15 a.m.)

[TEA] STAAR Spanish Information
Silvia Alvarado-Bolek, STAAR Spanish Manager, Texas Education Agency
Judith Agraz de Hernando, Student Assessment Division, Texas Education Agency

Presenters will provide an overview of the item development process for STAAR Spanish in grades 3-5. The components of the Spanish writing test, with emphasis on the writing rubric, will be discussed. The results for the last two years will be reviewed. Some portions of the presentation will be conducted in Spanish.

Tuesday, February 21, 10:15–11:30 a.m.

[TEA] Printed and Online Resources for the Texas Student Assessment Program
Eric Estlund, Manager of Administration Materials, Student Assessment Division, Texas Education Agency
Eli Cadena, Systems Analyst, Student Assessment Division, Texas Education Agency

This session reviews the contents of printed materials and online resources that support district and campus testing coordinators and other testing personnel, as well as parents. Bring your own device to follow along with live demonstrations of resources available online.

Let's Ride Together
K. Leigh Lowe, District Testing Coordinator, Albany ISD
Cody Carson, Curriculum Consultant, ESC Region 14

Are you the “Lone Ranger” (DTC, CTC, counselor) in your district? Come see how this small posse (DTC and data consultant with Region 14 ESC) work together with a minimum budget to help teachers understand data, plan for the upcoming year, and successfully survive state testing. 

Organize and Color-Code Your Way Through Assessment
Melanie Conway, School Counselor, Brenham ISD
This session is designed to help CTCs become more efficient and effective this spring. You will learn how to use Excel, mail merge, and a scanner to create various lists, rosters, and labels. Use Excel to sort your testing locations, administrators, special pops, accommodations and more! You’ll also hear how to use different products to keep your testing materials organized. With an established color-coding scheme, your entire campus will be on the same page.

[TEA] Technology - Preparing for Online Testing Part II of II
Glenn Kirchner, Manager, Online Testing, Student Assessment Division, Texas Education Agency
Designed for those who participated in Technology - Preparing for Online Testing, this session is a hands-on opportunity in which participants may perform tasks previously presented. (Part I of II: Tuesday – 8:30–9:45 a.m.)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Monica Uphoff, Coordinator of Testing, Birdville ISD
Carla Young, Director of Assessments, Responsive Ed

The session will provide tips and tricks from a DTC duo who combine the knowledge of testing in a unique charter and a large urban district. Discussions will include, but are not limited to: how to get ready for the March and May STAAR/EOC, TELPAS, what you need to do for online testing in the spring, how to manage testing for a large district, how to ensure correct student data for your precodes, and how to keep your sanity.

"Googling!" - High Tech Tools for Assessment Communication & Training
Randy Wuensche, Coordinator of Assessment and Accountability, Brazosport ISD
In the ever-changing world of assessment, it is critically important for assessment and accountability leaders to use multiple communication, organization, and training methods to meet the demands of a typical assessment year. In this session, participants will be introduced to the power of Google for use in creating training videos, interactive assessment newsletters, online forms for multiple applications, virtual spreadsheets, and more to help enhance assessment communication and training.

Access to a Great Testing Day
Timothy Walsh, Executive Director of Student Services and Accountability, Willis ISD
Tracy Jackson, District Assessment Coordinator, Willis ISD
Felicia Jackson, Bilingual ESL Coordinator, Willis ISD

Testing coordinators have to sift through so much information (i.e., enrollment, test results, accommodations, demographics, etc.) and it’s constantly changing. Come see how one district is helping CTCs stay organized, minimize testing irregularities, and improve communication with staff. Using the power of Microsoft Access and Excel, any district can create the tools necessary. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you are welcome.

I Must Have Missed the Memo!
Melissa Haney, Coordinator of Accountability and Assessment, Hutto ISD
Michele Simcik, Special Education Facilitator, Hutto ISD

Communicating STAAR testing and accommodation committee decisions for special populations can be a daunting task! We will share the processes and procedures we've put in place in Hutto ISD to ensure that all stakeholders are fully informed of student needs well before the administration of a state assessment. Participants will receive access to a Google Drive folder containing documentation templates, digital organizational tools, and a decision communication timeline.

[TEA] THECB TSI Updates & Cross Institutional Reporting
Suzanne Morales-Vale, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
This session will provide attendees with the latest THECB updates for the Texas Success Initiative and for the Cross Institutional Reporting feature for all sites administering the TSI Assessment.

[TEA] Update on Grades 4 and 7 Writing Assessments
Steven Wilder, Manager of ELA Assessments, Student Assessment Division, Texas Education Agency
TEA's manager of English/language arts assessments will provide an update on the development of the grades 4 and 7 writing assessments.

DTC Tips and Tricks Using Google Drive
Jodi Pafford, Assessment Coordinator, Northwest ISD
Are you looking for a way to eliminate collecting information via paper or multiple emails? This session will show you how Northwest ISD eliminated many paper forms and/or electronic email forms by using Google Drive. Northwest ISD is a fast-growth district of 21,000 students in North Texas. As a new DTC in 2013, I found the need to eliminate all the stacks of paper I collected during my first year as DTC. Google Drive was the answer for me!

Testing is Over! Now What Do I Do With All of the "Stuff"?
Patricia D. Baldwin, Coordinator of Testing and Instructional Resources, Tomball ISD
Marla L. Meriano, Coordinator of Student Assessment, Humble ISD

Attend to learn DTC tips on how to develop an organized, secure document storage system for state assessment testing forms and documents. You'll gain district- and campus-level organizational ideas to help reduce the time to file away secure documents at the end of a testing season. We will help you know what to keep and how long to keep it! 

TELPAS: A United Front
Agustina Marie Hernandez, Supervisor of Assessment Information, Grand Prairie ISD
Samuel Jackson, Bilingual/ESL & Language Placement Facilitator, Grand Prairie ISD
Lisa Molinar, Coordinator of State and District Assessments, Grand Prairie ISD

Oftentimes we focus so much on STAAR assessments that we fail to recognize the importance of tracking LEP testers as well as the management of a four-week administration across various campuses. The importance of working with the bilingual department is vital for such an administration to occur without irregularities. At Grand Prairie ISD, we co-present with various departments to manage the testing season accordingly, and with their assistance we have implemented policies and procedures.

Tuesday, February 21, 1–2:15 p.m.

[TEA] Update on STAAR Mathematics
Julie Guthrie, Director of Mathematics and Science Assessments, Student Assessment Division, Texas Education Agency
Lenny Sanchez, Manager, Mathematics Assessments, Student Assessment Division, Texas Education Agency

This session provides the latest and most up-to-date information on the STAAR mathematics program. TEA student assessment presenters will discuss the state and federal requirements and recent policy changes regarding mathematics. Attendees will be given the opportunity to ask questions.

Organization for Any Organization … Big or Small
Charlenta Govan, Coordinator , Dallas ISD
LaKedra Cardell, District Test Coordinator, Dallas ISD
Felicia Gibbons, Coordinator, Dallas ISD
Jillian Heintzman, Coordinator, Dallas ISD

Participants will learn what resources Dallas ISD created to assist campuses with maneuvering through the assessment process. Participants will leave with sample items distributed in the Dallas ISD Testing Coordinator Resource Binder. Information on how Dallas monitors test security and provides online support will be discussed.

MAP 101- Surviving the First Year
Eboney Forte, Assessment Support Manager, Garland ISD
Pamela Neblett, Coordinator, Garland ISD

Is your district considering using NWEA MAP as an assessment piece? MAP is a wonderful tool, but you may be asking yourself “Where do I start ?" Just thinking about adopting MAP and getting it set up can be daunting, not to mention training faculty and staff on its various components. However, it can also be rewarding. This session is an overview of Garland ISD's experiences during that first year. We will discuss the process from inception through execution: the good, the bad, and the (not so) ugly.

Data Informed Leadership
Jill Morris, Evaluation and Research Analyst, Bryan ISD
Barbara A. Ybarra, Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Bryan ISD

How can we effectively use multiple data sources to positively impact student achievement without drowning in data? Learn how state and local data are used by Bryan ISD to inform decision making at both the district and campus levels. The rationale for the systems used to analyze data from different sources, as well as how data are shared with campus and district leaders, will be discussed. 

Don't Get STAAR Struck: Using Materials Effectively for RtI and Acceleration
Jennifer Drumm, Director of Professional Development, Learning List
Theresa Sands, Director of Elementary C & I, Southside ISD

The state and districts spend millions of dollars on materials for Accelerated Learning and RtI. Have you achieved the results you expected with the SSI and RtI products you're using? Learn the five steps to using your district's existing resources effectively for RtI and the critical attributes to look for when selecting new materials. 

Views From AWARE!
Tami Wiethorn, District Assessment Coordinator, Waco ISD
Need some easy, data-rich views to share with administrators and teachers? Come to this session for a refresher on creating views and using them to enhance data distribution from the district level to the campus level.

Accountability: One Child at a Time
Cheri Hendrick, Accountability and Assessment Specialist, ESC Region 20
Sara S. Mann, Director of Secondary Curriculum, Floresville ISD

Do you know the multiple measures reported with STAAR results? We will go over the difference in the reporting that is used with STAAR tests and look at how each relates to our students who sit in your classroom. We will also look through the lens of the student expectations that each question links to as well as the item analysis of those test questions – how can that information guide your classroom instruction?

[TACTP] TSI Platform Updates
Carita Webster, Assessment Coordinator, San Jacinto College District
Chantel Reynolds, Senior Director of ACCUPLACER State & Policy Initiatives, The College Board

Participants will receive information from Chantel Reynolds, senior director of ACCUPLACER State & Policy Initiatives with The College Board, on any new TSI updates and ACCUPLACER platform updates.

The Next Generation of Texas Public Education Assessment and Accountability
Dee Carney, Associate, Moak, Casey & Associates
Curtis Culwell, Associate, Moak, Casey & Associates
Maria Whitsett, Associate, Moak, Casey & Associates

Public interest in developing the next generation of Texas’ assessment and accountability system remains high. There are those who believe it works as it is, those who believe it’s broken, and those who believe the current system just needs “a few tweaks.” This presentation summarizes interim activity in the areas of assessment and accountability, including ESSA, the latest ratings, relevant bills filed to date, and the tone set by new state leadership for the 85th Texas Legislature.

[TEA] Introduction to the Texas Assessment Management System Part I of II
Glenn Kirchner, Manager, Online Testing, Student Assessment Division, Texas Education Agency
This session presents updates to the Texas Assessment Management System and online testing for 2017. A hands-on session related to this presentation is available for participants following this session.

[TEA] STAAR Reading Grades 3-8
Brad Vasil, Director ELA/SS Assessment, Texas Education Agency
Insight into the STAAR assessments for grades 3-8 will be provided by the manager of reading assessments for grades 3-8 for TEA.

Leveraging Data Analysis to Ignite Teachers Through Self-Directed PD
Jonathan Maxwell, Executive Director, Assessment & Evaluation, Clear Creek ISD
Join us for this innovative session to discover a unique, data-driven professional development structure to actively engage teachers and campus leadership for focused, individualized improvement. Dynamic dialogues will engage and empower educators to overcome the challenges of analyzing data to drive student success. Data analysis resources, combined with personalized professional development, will drive educators to focus on their specific needs for school improvement.

Tuesday, February 21, 2:45–4 p.m.

Show Me The Data!
Lyneille Meza, Data & Assessment, Denton ISD
Administrators are swamped with data, and it’s your job to make sure they “get” it. Come to this session and see one way to organize and present assessment data so it is easily understood by all.

A Well-trained TestHound is a Test Coordinator's Best Friend: Best Practices
Jeremiah Crow, CEO, Education Advanced, Inc.
Lori Hart, District Testing Coordinator, Denton ISD
Elda Garcia, Director of Assessment and Accountability, Corpus Christi ISD
Erin Todd, Account Representative, Education Advanced, Inc.

Has your district implemented TestHound, or are you thinking about joining this exciting project? This session follows the paths of several school districts that have maximized their use of the product and developed a set of best practices in accurate inventory management, summer school testing, retesting, make-up testing, maintaining accommodations, and more. We’ll also be sharing the latest TestHound updates. Come learn how your district can get the most out of your TestHound implementation.

[TEA] Introduction to the Texas Assessment Management System Part II of II
Glenn Kirchner, Manager, Online Testing, Student Assessment Division, Texas Education Agency
Designed for those who participated in Introduction to the Assessment Management System, this session is a hands-on opportunity in which participants perform tasks previously presented. (Part I of II: Tuesday – 1–2:15 p.m)

[TACTP] CPR for Testing Professionals
Melonie Bonner, Testing Center Manager, Kilgore College
Attendees will learn simple techniques, including how to read body language, while also learning professional methods for handling various difficult situations in a testing center.

Quarterly Conversations: Partnering for Success
Jennifer Munoz, Coordinator of Accountability and School Improvement, Katy ISD
Sherita Wilson-Rodgers, Coordinator of Accountability and School Improvement, Katy ISD

This session will introduce Quarterly Conversations, a protocol for dynamic dialogues to build leadership capacity for overcoming the challenges of initiating change in schools and districts. Quarterly Conversations ensure that through the analysis of student data and needs assessments, every school has a balanced approach to curriculum, instruction, and assessment for equitable student access to unparalleled learning experiences.

[TEA] Test Security Policies and Procedures
Eric Moore, Test Security Manager, Student Assessment Division, Texas Education Agency
TEA's test security manager will focus on security policies and procedures associated with the student assessment program and discuss security issues observed during prior testing administrations. Attendees will learn how to discern between different kinds of testing incidents; conduct effective investigations; submit concise testing irregularity reports, including a Plan of Action; and make accurate determinations about the events relating to testing incidents.

The Five Love Languages of State Assessments
Lisa Molinar, Director of State and District Assessments, Grand Prairie ISD
Melissa Rowe, Executive Director, Grand Prairie ISD
Ty Jones, Manager of Data and Assessment, Grand Prairie ISD
Agustina Hernandez, Administrative Assistant, Grand Prairie ISD

How is your relationship with assessments? What is your Love Language? The Five Love Languages of State Assessments will delve into various state testing sessions and focus on best practices for those specific assessments to improve the relationship among stakeholders. You will be provided specifics of planning processes and tools; trainings; student involvement; formative assessments; organization; and how they have created and nurtured a productive relationship.

Jose Rios, Manager, Student Assessment Division, Texas Education Agency
Justin Porter, Director, Assessments for Special Populations, Student Assessment Division, Texas Education Agency

This session will provide participants with information about the 2017 pilot test for the redesigned components of TELPAS as well as some insight into changes to the program beginning with the 2018 administration.

STAAR Test Results Not Where You Want Them?
James Rambo, Director for Student Assessment, Irving ISD
Distribution charts can assist in identifying areas of concern or potential needs in curriculum. Sophisticated programs exist, expensive and less costly, that can produce distribution charts in many forms. But a simple approach without coding can be done with distribution charts that can provide insight to where curriculum may be impacting STAAR test results. Any distribution chart method puts critical data on the table for discussion. Data on the table can remove much of the speculation.

[TEA] STAAR Scoring and Reporting
Mariana Vassileva, Director of Analysis and Reporting, Student Assessment Division, Texas Education Agency
Narmeen Makhani, Technology Director, Educational Testing Service

This session provides an overview of the STAAR scoring and reporting system. Presenters will explain changes and share sample reports. A Q&A session will follow the presentation.
Huddle with Us to Tackle TELPAS!
Shannon Kuhrt, Director of Assessment, Wichita Falls ISD
San Juanita Ramirez, Coordinator for Student Assessment, Brownsville ISD

Do you feel overwhelmed with TELPAS? Do you need some new ideas to enhance your TELPAS coordination? If yes, then huddle with us for a full wrap on our best practices for TELPAS! We will share tips on how to streamline your planning and communication, share forms, technology tips, and a checking process you can use to ease your mind so you do not miss assessing any of your ELL students. You will leave our session ready to tackle TELPAS so it doesn't tackle you!  

Tuesday, February 21, 4:15–5:30 p.m.

Data Validation Monitoring & Local Procedures to Prevent Staging
Nelda Rios, Director for Testing & Evaluation, Mission CISD
Francisca Palacios, Director for Assessment, Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD

Presenters will share locally developed procedures for addressing data validation monitoring issues regarding data integrity. An anomaly has been found and may require local review to determine whether it is accurate or not. One example will be the sharing of attendance procedures that were put into place as a result of the student assessment validation.

Bridging the Gap
Lisa Molinar, Director of State and District Assessments, Grand Prairie ISD
Melissa Rowe, Executive Director, Grand Prairie ISD
Ty Jones, Manager of Data and Assessment, Grand Prairie ISD
Agustina Hernandez, Administrative Assistant, Grand Prairie ISD

Bridging the Gap will focus on how to look at each test session throughout the year and come up with an effective plan that will work for your campus/district. We will take a look at relational capacity, organization of testing plans/ideas, how to maintain a testing environment, and some ways to encourage teacher/campus participation. The focus will be bridging the gap by improving the campus testing environment and the testing year through implementing structures/processes.

Be Prepared: A School Look at Possible Summer Testing Pitfalls
Kyle Sanchez, High School Testing Coordinator, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD
Tracy McDaniel, Director of Testing, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD

This interactive presentation is focused on assisting campus testing coordinators plan and manage summer testing logistics, including proactive measures for minimizing testing irregularities. The presentation will model techniques for student registration procedures while providing tips for facilitating multiple campuses at one testing site. These concepts can be adapted from one school to multiple schools to districtwide.

[TACTP] TASC Test Overview
Chasity Wright, Assessment Solutions Representative, CTB McGraw-Hill
Daphne Curl, Manager of Testing Services, Stephen F. Austin State University

DRC|CTB designed the TASC test after seeing a need for an affordable test that aligns to current educational standards. The previous GED test covered outdated content that didn’t align with the College and Career Readiness Standards. Thus, passing the TASC test shows students have the same basic knowledge and skills as current high school graduates and are college-and-career-ready. This session will give you an overview of the administration process of the TASC exam.

TSNAP Open Q&A Session
Crystal Glover, District Test Coordinator, Amarillo ISD
Join experienced TSNAP members to ask your questions - ANY questions you may have - in a relaxed and open format where the facilitators represent different-sized districts and the variety of “hats” you may wear! Ask questions, share experiences, and make a connection in the company of your TSNAP friends!

[TACTP] Scheduling Appointment System, An Inside Solution
Armando Gomez, Assistant Director of Testing Services, El Paso Community College
El Paso Community College currently counts six campus locations. Giving out appointments district-wide was difficult until a web-based internal solution was implemented. Our Scheduling Appointment System interacts with BANNER to pull student, payment, and testing information using only the student ID number. The system produces rosters, testing reports, and testing statistics.

You Are Not Alone as a Testing Coordinator!
Cindy Blair, Director of Testing, San Antonio ISD
Nicole Taguinod, Director of Testing & Accountability, Judson ISD
Jamie Brown, Coordinator for Accountability, Comal ISD

Come experience and learn why and how to establish collaboration with other DTCs to help in understanding procedures that you may need in you district. The topics covered will be from administrative procedures to support board policy on assessments, to testing documentation, training ideas, and the successful use of logistic programs. Hear from three different types of districts on the issues that are similar and how each district handles them. Take away links for all.

Essential STAAR Data Analytics for Campus Improvement Planning
Dash Weerasinghe, Executive Director of Assessment and Accountability, Plano ISD
Jennifer Ruth, Student Achievement Specialist, Plano ISD
Paul Dabbs, Assistant Director, Research and Campus Support, Plano ISD
John Tedford, Secondary Achievement Specialist, Plano ISD

A four-step process: Gap Analysis, Growth Analysis, Item Analysis, and Ability Analysis for school improvement planning. This interactive presentation will start campus STAAR analyses from the overall results and drill down to individual items and students. Process will categorize STAAR items by priority and students' potential to demonstrate individual growth in STAAR will be addressed.

A Conversation With ETS
J.T. Lawrence, Executive Director, Large Scale Assessments, ETS
Sarah Rhame, Executive Director, Texas Program, ETS
Lauren Hebert, Senior Director, Program Operations, ETS
Susan Yetman, Manager, District Support and Training, ETS

During this session, ETS will provide districts with a forum to discuss pre-administration, administration, post-administration, and reporting activities for the STAAR assessment program. 
[TEA] STAAR Social Studies Assessment Update
Lynn Franzen, Manager, Social Studies Assessments, Texas Education Agency
TEA's manager of social studies assessments will provide an update on the STAAR social studies assessments.

Preconference Workshops

The Preconference Workshop registration fee is $50. Registrants have the choice of attending preconference workshops on Monday, February 20, 8:30-11:30 a.m. Preconference workshops have limited seating. Be prepared to select an alternative workshop if your first or second choice is full when you register. You will receive an email confirming your session a few days prior to the conference.