College/University/State Agency Membership

Who's Eligible:

For professors employed full time in a college or university department of educational administration and employees of Texas state agencies.

Membership Dues, 2016-17:

College/University/State Agency Membership — $75 (one-half the minimum annual membership fee for Active Members who are not superintendents)

Why Join?

  • Connect with practicing school administrators.
  • Help strengthen the profession and its preparation programs.
  • Support the development of aspiring superintendents and upper-level administrators who are fully prepared for the rigors of public school leadership.
  • Enjoy all the benefits of Active Membership.


TASA offers student membership to any person currently enrolled in a college or university department of educational administration who is not employed in a full-time administrative position, other than at the campus level. TASA's student membership fee is $50. If you are interested in promoting TASA membership to your students, please contact TASA for further information.

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