Advocacy Resources

Critical Information/Documents

Internet Postings Required of School Districts (updated September 2016)

Contracts and Disclosure of Parties: Who Is Interested? (summer 2016)

Ethical Disclosures 2.0: HB 23 in the Era of Transparency (fall 2015)

85th Legislative Session – 2017

2017 TASA Legislative Priorities (August 2016)


84th Legislative Session 2015

House Interim Charges Related to Public Education (November 2015)

Senate Interim Charges Related to Public Education (November 2015)

TASA's 2015 Final Bill Report

TEA Briefing Book on Texas Public Education Legislation

Presentation Slides from TASA Legislative Update at the UT/TASA Summer Conference on Education (June 2015)

TASA's Initial Bill Summary Report (Final Bill Report available above.)

2015 TASA Legislative Priorities

Education Service Centers: Providing Vital Support to School Districts

Texas High Performance Schools Consortium Report to the 84th Legislature (December 2014)

TASA/TASB Report on School District Mandates: Cost Drivers in Public Education (March 2015)

83rd Legislative Session 2013

2013 Final Bill Report

Summary of HB 5 (as signed into law)

Texas High Performance Schools Consortium Report to the 83rd Texas Legislature (December 2012)

Sample Voucher Resolution (pdf)

Sample Voucher Resolution (docx)

2013 Grassroots Campaign

Teacher Retirement System

TRS Pension Benefit Study 2012

TRS-Care Sustainability Study 2012

A Snapshot of TRS: A Strong Economic Driver in Texas

The Truth About TRS

TRS: A Great Value for ALL Texans

Other Reports/Studies/Information

Cargill Letter on Revisions to Math Standards

Good News About Texas Public Schools

FOTPS 2016 poster

This poster, featuring a few of the latest achievements of Texas public schools, was sent in November 2016 to every campus and superintendent in Texas, thanks to Friends of Texas Public Schools. Please post them for all to see! Also see this compilation of news about Texas public schools; it could be useful in your advocacy efforts. 

Save the Date for the 2017 Legislative Conference

The TASA/TASB Legislative Conference is planned for February 21 at the Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol. The conference is free; however, preregistration is required.
During the daylong session, trustees and administrators will hear Capitol insiders’ insights on the 85th legislative session. Association staff will provide updates on legislative happenings and proposed bills to prepare attendees to meet with legislators and their staffers later that day. After the conference, buses will be available to take attendees to the Capitol for appointments with legislators.
School board members will earn board-training credit for attending the training.